King Arthur Shoot Kryal Castle


OK so another crazy idea.......

The crew at Bohemian Rhapsody online magazine are having a photo shoot at Kryal Castle.

Should i go ? Its cold, Early morning, Long drive and RAINING...

Yeh why not I said, stumbling out of bed at 5.30am.. Its only 2.5 hours away I can do it.

Planing on a making another Behind the Scenes video and put the new Panasonic G9 through its paces on both stills and video - because i have a crazy idea of shooting stills and Video at Weddings, so this will be a good opportunity.

Accident on the freeway, traffic at a standstill, Raining - did i mention raining?

5 hours later arrived at the castle.. yep still raining..

Natasha always puts together an amazing crew of Models, Photographers. Fashion designers and stunning locations so this should be amazing ..... Did I mention the rain ???

Ok so not much chance to film and shoot the Models and fashion - the photographers had to get their shots  between showers or head indoors.. So what am I going to do.. Drove 5 hours in the rain... feeling a little grumpy by now..

So I need something to film... Ah perfect a Knight in full armor - Phillip Leitch, 2 Horses, Michelle Abela and her stunning stallion Red Rocky and Model Wiktor Hudyka who just happens to be pretty good at wielding a sword.... and yep more  RAIN..

Off to the arena.. yep more rain - just hope that the camera whether sealing isn't just sales hype.

So wet muddy and a heap of fun, managed to pull off a short 2 minute film thingy which didnt look too bad ...................



And yep both me and the camera survived ...........


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland @ The Athenaeum Theater, Melbourne.

Our recent Shoot with the cast of Alice, Thanks as always to Michael @ MADPr for the opportunity to work with an amazing cast.





Bass Coast Ballet Shool 2017

This has been my 6th year working with the Bass Coast Ballet School.

It has been an amazing journey watching the student grow into amazing young dancers & performers


Video Production and how it all began...


A few years ago I applied to photograph an event with an organization called the Bohemian Rhapsody Club & Online Magazine.

Run By Natasha Marchev, BRC is a non profit organization supporting local and international Designers, Artists, Musicians, Events, Models...... The list of Natasha`s amazing work is endless.

Have a look at some of her incredible projects here:

Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Online Magazine


So, it all began with a shoot minus a Videographer and a desperate call from Natasha for someone to shoot video.

Sure i can do it !!!

My knowledge of video was my camera had a little red button that recorded video.

And there the obsession with video began.

A few more shoots and a suggestion from Natasha that we should film weddings,

Thousands of hours & dollars later and we now include wedding films as part of our business.

It has been a huge learning curve with filming, audio and post production.

Have a look at our video journey so far, all thanks to Natasha and the Bohemian Rhapsody Club.


Theater & Dance Photography.

A large part of our photography includes Live event photography and filming.

We work with local and national dance schools and artists to create stunning images.

Thanks to a long association with The Bohemian Rhapsody Online Magazine & Michael Wilkie @ MAD Pr, We have been fortunate to photograph some of the best live performances and stage events. This has included international artists, Ballet companies and Theater.


Shooting Live Theater & Dance


Shooting live has been a passion of mine for many years.

Coming from a musical background, performing with orchestras and bands has given me a love of capturing artists live.

Shooting live is both challenging and rewarding. Unlike shooting in a studio or even location shoots, there is no control over lighting or "staging the setup of artists.

Timing of lighting, expressions and movement is critical in capturing the exact moment. 

The Haunting


Shooting the final rehearsal of the Haunting with Cameron Daddo & Gig Clarke


Camera Gear

I shoot Nikon exclusively for live work.

The Nikon D610 has been my workhorse for the past 4 years and is incredible in low light situations. The camera has exceptional dynamic range and allows pulling detail out of shadows in the worst of lighting situations.

For Lenses my choice is the Nikon 50mm 1.8 & 85mm 1.8.

For longer reach the Tamron 80 -200 2.8 is my other option.

For backup its a Nikon D7200 & D7100 


One Flew over The Cuckoos Nest


Dance Photography

Dance photography offers up a whole new set of challenges.

Along with lighting & movement, A knowledge of dance is a must.

Dancer move to music -counting the beat and timing the music is how to capture the right moment - whether its Ballet or Rock.....


The Shanghai Ballet Company


Behind The Scenes with The ST Petersburg Ballet


The Jerry Cans




The Haunting

Shooting final rehearsal with Cameron Daddo & Gig Clarke


One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Onstage with the cast of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest @ The Lawler Theater Melbourne

Melbourne Theater Company. 


The Melbourne Theater Company production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo`s Nest.

@ The Lawler Theater Melbourne



Our shoot with the Kin Collective`s performance of Tim Winton`s Production Shrine

@ Fourtyfive Downstairs


Special Thanks to Michael J Wilkie @ MAD PR

Natasha Marchev @ Bohemian Rhapsody Online Magazine

Fourtyfive Downstairs

The Kin Collective



St Petersburg Ballet Rehearsals Swan Lake

Last year following a photo shoot with the St Petersburg Ballet, I was given exclusive access to rehearsals prior to their Melbourne performance of swan lake.

It was quite an honor to be the only photographer allowed to photograph the company during rehearsals.

So, please enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the worlds premier ballet company's.


The Shanghai Ballet


The Shanghai Ballet performing Derek Deane`s Grand Version of Swan Lake


Wu Husheng & Qi Bingxue


Ten years ago, an idea to shoot the local dance school quickly became an obsession.

My continued love of dance has seen us working with dance schools and ballet companies across Melbourne. Every so often amazing opportunities arise to work with some of the best in the world. Last year thanks to a call out to photograph the St Petersburg Ballet ( Courtesy of Natasha at The Bohemian Rhapsody Club) we were given a personal invite from The Shanghai Ballet`s Promoter Michael J Wilkie @ MADPR.


Our session began with the huge 48 strong Corpse de Ballet on the steps of the Regent Theater.


Following an impromptu shoot on the streets of Melbourne, we were privileged to a short media shoot of highlights from the ballet


Have a look at our full gallery here

The Performance Saturday the 22nd April 2017

Our review

Shanghai Ballet Swan Lake

The Regent Theatre Melbourne

Directed by Xin Lili

Choreography by Derek Deane


Shanghai Ballets performance of Swan Lake is simply stunning.


Wu Husheng in the leading roll of Siegfried gives a commanding performance.

Wu`s stage presence is incredible, With brilliant acting , facial expressions and body language he brings his character to life in a way reminiscent of some of the great silent movie actors.

Wu`s dancing is impeccable, displaying grace, power & incredible skill.

Ako Kondo commands the stage with her portrayal of Odette/Odile.

Ako is a member of the Australian Ballet and guest dancer in this production.

Wu & Ako have a special chemistry happening on the stage and bring an incredible amount of passion and intimacy to the title roles.

The production features a huge Corpse de Ballet of 48 swans. This gives anamazing element of fluidity to the lake scenes with endless movement across the stage.

The Corpse de Ballet is absolute perfection, with stunning visuals and perfect synchronicity from fingertip to toe.

The addition of smoke to the second act lake scene gives a whole new dimension to the swans – giving an illusion of effortless gliding across the stage.

Stage scenery and costumes are stunning.

ZHOU Haibo portrays Rothbart superbly – simply the best Rothbart iv seen.

Act 3 – The Great Hall, Brings to the stage the absolute best from the cast and leads,

Wu`s combinations of endless pirouette`s & Tour en l`air is simply breathtaking with perfect landings.

Ako absolutely shines at this point with a stunning rendition of Odie displaying incredible agility and grace.

My biggest complaint with this production is that the 2 and a half hours on stage is all too short – another 2 hours would have been perfect.

I had a chance to chat to a few other audience members during the break

and the overall consensus was   - this is a brilliant production.


Derek Deane & Xin Lili have take this classic ballet to a whole new level of excellence.

Do not miss this one……

A huge thank you to Michael @ MAD PR for this incredible opportunity.


GW Photography

Tivoli Theatre Pantomine Goldilocks and the three bears

Our latest shoot at Tivoli Theater


Tivoli Theatre Pantomimes Goldilocks and The Three Bears

St John’s Church Hall 5 Finch St Malvern


Dates and session times:


Tivoli Theatre Pantomimes dose it again !!!

 Yet another brilliant production in classic pantomime format

Their modern take on the classic children’s book Goldilocks and the three bears is a wonderful mix of humor & Songs- from classic show tunes to modern hits.

 Sets are simple yet colorful and spectacular & along with the costumes compliment the performers.

 Ellie Hannah Carol in her 4th year performing with Tivoli is fantastic as Goldilocks. Ellie`s voice is amazing – A hidden talent that will have a brilliant career on the stage.

 Valentina Liuzzi is a young and very talented performer (another rising star ), and gives a great performance as Wee Bear.

 Clinton Barker who has performed with Tivoli for over a decade is as brilliant as always bring plenty of humor to the production.

 Julie Arnold who has been part of Tivoli for over 20 years, gives her best in the role of Mama Bear.

( Julie is also the winner of The Victorian Drama League Perpetual Trophy for BEST ACTRESS in a COMEDY - 'Bette and Joan' Brighton Theatre Co).

As always a fantastic performance from the whole cast and everyone behind the scenes that make this production possible.

 Whether your 6 or 60 go along and have a ball – this is a great production with plenty to keep both the adults and kids smiling.


Below is a brief Bio on Ellie courtesy of Alta @ Tivoli theater – once again a name to remember….

Ellie Hannah has been an avid theatre enthusiast for her whole life.

She has studied various styles of dancing, singing and drama at Ballarat Centre of Music and the Arts (BCMA) since 2005.

She now takes singing lessons with Maxine Montgomery. Ellie has performed in many local productions with BCMA and BLOC Music Theatre, receiving a Victorian Theatre Guild Award in 2010 for her portrayal of Jojo in BLOC jr’s production of Seussical the Musical.

Ellie also works professionally in Melbourne with “The Tivoli Theatre Pantomimes” performing regularly in school holiday seasons. Ellie has been seen most recently onstage as "Frenchy" in Grease, "Hope Cladwell" in Urinetown and as "Jellylorum" in Ballarat Lyric Theatre’s production of CATS.


The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans

Our shoot with an amazing band from Iqaluit Canada

A recent media call out introduced me to The Jerry Cans, a unique and fun band from

Iqaluit, Nunavut Canada.


What started out as a brief interview soon became a 20 minute mini documentary featuring the band performing live and interviews with Andrew & Nancy.



Our Short film featuring concert footage & Intrviews


Below is our review of the band


The Jerry Cans Iqaluit Canada.
The old saying “You had to be there” is a term that defiantly fits the Jerry Cans.
Recorded music and video just doesn’t do this band justice.
Along with their unique music style, the band bring a fantastic sense of showmanship and downright fun to their live gigs.
Throw in some great folk music ,rock, traditional Inuktitut throat singing and a good old fashion hoedown and this what can be expected from the band.
Lead singer Andrew Morrison leads the band with great vocals & story telling.
Nancy Mike`s Throat singing has to be heard live to appreciate –her deep growling voice gives you goose bumps.
Violinist Gina Burgess is a brilliant musician, bringing some good old fashion fiddle playing to the mix.
The band is supported by a strong rhythm section –

Steve Rigby on drums and Brendan Doherty –Bass.
In a world where commercial rock and pop is shoved down our throats and the industry dictates what we should be listening to, The Jerry Cans are a shining example of a hard working band that stick to their roots.
Whatever your taste in music go along to one of their gigs, and have a ball – Their music is instantly addictive. 
A special commendation to Bryce from the Bean Project, who was called up on stage by Andrew for an impromptu jam session.
A huge thank you to the band and to Cat Swinton from Catalyst PR , Bohemian Rhapsody online Magazine for making this possible



The Technical Stuff

All Stills and close up footage shot on a Nikon D610 With Tamron 70-200 2.8

Tamron 24 -70 2.8, Nikon 85 1.8, Nikon 50 1.8 & Tokina 17 2.8

Video on Sony AX100 4K Video Camera.

Audio Zoom H1 & Takstar Mic (poor mans Rode but awesome sound quality)


This was our first music video - things can only get better as we improve our gear & knowledge



CitiOpera Il Trovatore Rehearsal

CitiOpera Dress Rehearsal performance of Verdi`s Il Trovatore @ the Athenaum Theatre Melbourne

St Petersburg Ballet

ST Petersburg Ballet

Our Shoot with the girls from St Petersburg Ballet

The Girls:  Arisa Hashimoto,  Olga Naumova, Anastasia Chava & Valeriya Andropova

The Girls:  Arisa Hashimoto,  Olga Naumova, Anastasia Chava & Valeriya Andropova

A Day With The St Petersburg Ballet


For a photographer with a passion for dance, a media call to The St Petersburg ballet is an event not to be misses


The girls were happy to pose for the camera with some traditional ballet images then off for some fun shots.


Our shoot was brief as the dancers run on a tight schedule – their day includes Dance classes followed by Rehearsals and an evening performance.


I was privileged to be able to sit in on rehearsals to really gain an understanding of the hard work and dedication

these performers put into being one of the world’s premier ballet companies.



A huge thank you to the following people for making this possible.


Michael Wilkie at Make a Difference PR

Theresa Mavros at

Natasha Marchev at Bohemian Rhapsody Club & Online Magazine.

Peter Williams Riding Apparel. Bohemian Rhapsody Club & Online Magazine.

Our recent shoot with the Bohemian Rhapsody Club featuring Peter Williams Riding Apparel.





Bass Coast Ballet School 2016