The Shanghai Ballet


The Shanghai Ballet performing Derek Deane`s Grand Version of Swan Lake


Wu Husheng & Qi Bingxue


Ten years ago, an idea to shoot the local dance school quickly became an obsession.

My continued love of dance has seen us working with dance schools and ballet companies across Melbourne. Every so often amazing opportunities arise to work with some of the best in the world. Last year thanks to a call out to photograph the St Petersburg Ballet ( Courtesy of Natasha at The Bohemian Rhapsody Club) we were given a personal invite from The Shanghai Ballet`s Promoter Michael J Wilkie @ MADPR.


Our session began with the huge 48 strong Corpse de Ballet on the steps of the Regent Theater.


Following an impromptu shoot on the streets of Melbourne, we were privileged to a short media shoot of highlights from the ballet


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The Performance Saturday the 22nd April 2017

Our review

Shanghai Ballet Swan Lake

The Regent Theatre Melbourne

Directed by Xin Lili

Choreography by Derek Deane


Shanghai Ballets performance of Swan Lake is simply stunning.


Wu Husheng in the leading roll of Siegfried gives a commanding performance.

Wu`s stage presence is incredible, With brilliant acting , facial expressions and body language he brings his character to life in a way reminiscent of some of the great silent movie actors.

Wu`s dancing is impeccable, displaying grace, power & incredible skill.

Ako Kondo commands the stage with her portrayal of Odette/Odile.

Ako is a member of the Australian Ballet and guest dancer in this production.

Wu & Ako have a special chemistry happening on the stage and bring an incredible amount of passion and intimacy to the title roles.

The production features a huge Corpse de Ballet of 48 swans. This gives anamazing element of fluidity to the lake scenes with endless movement across the stage.

The Corpse de Ballet is absolute perfection, with stunning visuals and perfect synchronicity from fingertip to toe.

The addition of smoke to the second act lake scene gives a whole new dimension to the swans – giving an illusion of effortless gliding across the stage.

Stage scenery and costumes are stunning.

ZHOU Haibo portrays Rothbart superbly – simply the best Rothbart iv seen.

Act 3 – The Great Hall, Brings to the stage the absolute best from the cast and leads,

Wu`s combinations of endless pirouette`s & Tour en l`air is simply breathtaking with perfect landings.

Ako absolutely shines at this point with a stunning rendition of Odie displaying incredible agility and grace.

My biggest complaint with this production is that the 2 and a half hours on stage is all too short – another 2 hours would have been perfect.

I had a chance to chat to a few other audience members during the break

and the overall consensus was   - this is a brilliant production.


Derek Deane & Xin Lili have take this classic ballet to a whole new level of excellence.

Do not miss this one……

A huge thank you to Michael @ MAD PR for this incredible opportunity.


GW Photography