GW Photography Print Prices & Sizes.


All prices are listed below.



Our prints are available in Lustre and Metallic.

Lustre prints are a semi - gloss professional finish and are sold as our standard print finish.


Metallic prints are super high gloss print - ideal for studio portraits.


Framed Prints.

All our framed prints are mounted in a glassless frame with a large black molding.

No glass means no reflections from lighting.

The prints are sealed with a clear varnish to protect them from dirt and dust.


Canvas Prints - Gallery wrap

All canvas prints are stretched and ready to hang.


Digital Files

We offer digital file downloads which are suitable for printing.

All digital files are copy-rite free for personal usage.



Packages can be made up of the same photo or different photos.

Available in the following combinations:

4 5x7 and 1 8x10

4 5x7 and 2 8x10


Portrait albums

Packages of 10 or 20 5x7 inch prints presented in a leatherette portrait album.


Photo Books

Photo Books are available in 20,40 or 60 page books.

To order photo books please call or email with size and images required.


 Print size guide


6x4 inch - 110 x 15cm

5x7inch - 13 x 18cm

8x10 - 20 x 25cm

11x14inch - 28 x 36cm

16x20inch - 40 x 50cm

20x30inch -50 x 76cm


Paper sizes compared to photo prints.


A4 -  8x11 inch ( 8x10 inch print)

A3 -11x16 inch (11x14inch print)

A2 - 16x20 inch

A1 - 24x33 inch (20x30 inch print)




4x6" Print   $8.00  

4x6" Metallic Print   $16.00  

5x7" Print   $10.00  

5x7" Metallic Print   $20.00  

8x10" Print   $20.00  

8x10" Metallic Print   $40.00  

11x14" Print   $28.00  

11x14" Metallic Print   $50.00  

16x20" Print      $35.00  

16x20" Metallic Print   $70.00  

11x14" Gallery Wrap Canvas Mounted Print   $220.00  

16x20" Gallery Wrap Canvas Mounted Print   $249.00  

20x30" Gallery Wrap Canvas Mounted Print   $280.00  

30x40" Gallery Wrap Canvas Mounted Print   $399.00  

11x14" Large flat mould (Black) Framed Print   $179.00  

11x14" Metallic Large flat mould (Black)   $279.00  

16x20" Large flat mould (Black) Framed Print   $195.00  

16x20" Metallic Large flat mould (Black)   $295.00  

20x30" Large flat mould (Black) Framed Print   $249.00  

20x30" Metallic Large flat mould (Black)   $349.00  

30x40" Large flat mould (Black) Framed Print   $299.00  

30x40" Metallic Large flat mould (Black)   $449.00  

High res JPEG / for personal   $35.00