How We Shoot Weddings and what makes a Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a fun, crazy & fast paced way to make a living.

Is it stressful ? - No.. Not if you know your job.

Ive been shooting weddings for just under 30 years, and covered 1000`s of them.

Our coverage style is Candid, Formal, Natural and Posed.

We cover each moment as required, whether its a candid moment or set up stylized shoot.


Photographers & What makes a Professional Wedding Photographer.


There are so many photographers out there today

Digital has made everyone a professional

So what makes a professional photographer?


Photography is all about light.

Understanding light is what separates a professional from your typical snap shooter.

So many times I hear from photographers " The light isn't right, or I only shoot available light.

If a photographer can only shoot when the light is right.. then they are not a professional.

"I only shoot available light" simply means I Don`t Understand How to Control Light.

I don't use fill flash = My phots are flat and dull.

Whatever the weather or light throws at us on your wedding day... We can shoot beautiful images.

As a wedding Photographer (and photographer in general) the light hast to be always right.

Learning to use fill flash and balance daylight is the number one thing that separates a professional from all the rest.

How many times do we see blown out skies, or dark subjects... Fill flash is critical.

How many times do we see blown out skies, or dark subjects... Fill flash is critical.

We don't use Photoshop!

Photoshop takes time and money...

All our images are correctly exposed at the time of taking the image.

I use the simple rule - expose for the skies and fill in the foreground/subject using fill flash/ reflectors/studio strobes.



Night Shooting


"I don't shoot at night"

I have heard this one so many times from "Professional Photographers"

Once again - I cant use flash.


I love to shoot after dark.

Some of my best images are taken after dark. I love mixing night lights with flash to create stunning images


Taken in total darkness. Lit with 2 300w Studio strobes & Softbox

Taken in total darkness. Lit with 2 300w Studio strobes & Softbox


Camera Gear


Can you shoot a wedding with 1 camera ?  NO

Over the years Ive had cameras fail, Dropped lenses and had flashes explode.

Without backup its Game Over - try explaining to the Bride your only camera just broke !!!


For Weddings I Shoot Nikon.

Over the years Ive used Nikon,Canon, Hassleblad ,Pentax & Olympus -

Nikon may not be everyone's choice but it works best for me.

The Cameras I use are the Nikon D610 & D7200.

A D7100 and D5200 are on standby just in case.

The D610 is a 24Mp Full frame with stunning low light capabilities.

The D7200 gives excellent image quality and the crop factor gives that extra reach when needed.


For Lenses i use the Nikon 50mm 1.8, Nikon 85mm 1.8 as my go to lenses.

For ceremony closeups and the Reception the Tamron 80 - 200 2.8 is extremely handy.

All wide angle landscape style images are shot with a Tokina 18mm 3.5

The other lenses I have - as backup are the Tamron 24- 70 2.8 and Nikon 28mm 3.5.

For lighting.

4 Yongnuo Speed lights. Of camera triggers.

LED Lights & Studio Strobes

Softboxes, Reflectors, Portable Power Packs for Strobes.

We always carry enough gear to replace anything that breaks.

If it rains we can set up a full studio indoors in minutes.


Camera Bags

I own too many camera bags!!

I transport gear in a large rolling case and just take the gear i need at the time - the rest stays in the car.

My favorite bag is a $20.00 canvas bag I found on eBay.

Its cheap and ugly and dosn`t scream Expensive Camera Gear Please Steal Me !!

If moving around a lot, i like to use a small canvas backpack.


Your Wedding Day

We shoot your full day.

No time limit

(Ive seen photographers leave 5 minutes before the bouquet toss because their time is up)

No extra charge for locations.

We are with you for your full day to ensure your day runs smoothly.

If possible we give a pre wedding shoot to get you comfortable in front of the camera.


Its Your Day


We will fit in with you and make your day as stress free as possible.

We do ask for half an hour of undivided attention for us to capture your couples shots.


How Many Images Do You receive ?

We don't take 1000`s of photos.

We take enough to cover your full day.

A typical full day is app 800 images.

Our images are delivered via digital download.