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The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans

Our shoot with an amazing band from Iqaluit Canada

A recent media call out introduced me to The Jerry Cans, a unique and fun band from

Iqaluit, Nunavut Canada.


What started out as a brief interview soon became a 20 minute mini documentary featuring the band performing live and interviews with Andrew & Nancy.



Our Short film featuring concert footage & Intrviews


Below is our review of the band


The Jerry Cans Iqaluit Canada.
The old saying “You had to be there” is a term that defiantly fits the Jerry Cans.
Recorded music and video just doesn’t do this band justice.
Along with their unique music style, the band bring a fantastic sense of showmanship and downright fun to their live gigs.
Throw in some great folk music ,rock, traditional Inuktitut throat singing and a good old fashion hoedown and this what can be expected from the band.
Lead singer Andrew Morrison leads the band with great vocals & story telling.
Nancy Mike`s Throat singing has to be heard live to appreciate –her deep growling voice gives you goose bumps.
Violinist Gina Burgess is a brilliant musician, bringing some good old fashion fiddle playing to the mix.
The band is supported by a strong rhythm section –

Steve Rigby on drums and Brendan Doherty –Bass.
In a world where commercial rock and pop is shoved down our throats and the industry dictates what we should be listening to, The Jerry Cans are a shining example of a hard working band that stick to their roots.
Whatever your taste in music go along to one of their gigs, and have a ball – Their music is instantly addictive. 
A special commendation to Bryce from the Bean Project, who was called up on stage by Andrew for an impromptu jam session.
A huge thank you to the band and to Cat Swinton from Catalyst PR , Bohemian Rhapsody online Magazine for making this possible



The Technical Stuff

All Stills and close up footage shot on a Nikon D610 With Tamron 70-200 2.8

Tamron 24 -70 2.8, Nikon 85 1.8, Nikon 50 1.8 & Tokina 17 2.8

Video on Sony AX100 4K Video Camera.

Audio Zoom H1 & Takstar Mic (poor mans Rode but awesome sound quality)


This was our first music video - things can only get better as we improve our gear & knowledge