Panaonic G9

King Arthur Shoot Kryal Castle


OK so another crazy idea.......

The crew at Bohemian Rhapsody online magazine are having a photo shoot at Kryal Castle.

Should i go ? Its cold, Early morning, Long drive and RAINING...

Yeh why not I said, stumbling out of bed at 5.30am.. Its only 2.5 hours away I can do it.

Planing on a making another Behind the Scenes video and put the new Panasonic G9 through its paces on both stills and video - because i have a crazy idea of shooting stills and Video at Weddings, so this will be a good opportunity.

Accident on the freeway, traffic at a standstill, Raining - did i mention raining?

5 hours later arrived at the castle.. yep still raining..

Natasha always puts together an amazing crew of Models, Photographers. Fashion designers and stunning locations so this should be amazing ..... Did I mention the rain ???

Ok so not much chance to film and shoot the Models and fashion - the photographers had to get their shots  between showers or head indoors.. So what am I going to do.. Drove 5 hours in the rain... feeling a little grumpy by now..

So I need something to film... Ah perfect a Knight in full armor - Phillip Leitch, 2 Horses, Michelle Abela and her stunning stallion Red Rocky and Model Wiktor Hudyka who just happens to be pretty good at wielding a sword.... and yep more  RAIN..

Off to the arena.. yep more rain - just hope that the camera whether sealing isn't just sales hype.

So wet muddy and a heap of fun, managed to pull off a short 2 minute film thingy which didnt look too bad ...................



And yep both me and the camera survived ...........